Marina Rose Papaspirou

Marina Rose Papaspirou

Creative director

Marina Papaspirou was born in Athens – Greece.

Marina studied at Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion and London College of Communication and gained a degree in Graphic & Media Design.

She has built an extensive portfolio and vast experience over the past 18 years since starting her professional career in the UK in 1998. She has been working creatively towards building her own design visions ever since. Some of her graphic work has been published in the “Logo Lounge” book series. Marina’s photography has also been exhibited in Athens, Nafplio, New York, and Miami. It is privately collected internationally.

Practically, Marina strives to constantly focus on inspiring her creative drive through the collection of novel images, experiences, sounds and ideas gained during frequent and uninterrupted travel. Acquiring new skills along the way, experimenting with a variety of materials and disciplines, and conceptualising ways to fuse these qualities into unique and exceptional designs is her game. It is this ability to identify, absorb and fuse different cultures that can be traced back to two essential elements. A fundamental adoration towards travel in all shapes and forms, fused with an energetic drive towards creative expression. These are the ultimate driving forces at play in her life, the spark giving shape and form to her designs.

Marina Rose Adornment is the result of one of these creative sparks, inspired by some of her most elementary yet most inspiring journeys.

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